About this course

This short course is designed to provide you with practical, hands-on training in fibre optics. You’ll be equipped with the skills you need to hit the ground running when you start your career in New Zealand’s telco industry. The course is broken into three online modules and required practical sessions conducted at our East Tamaki campus, where students will have access to state of the art facilities and expert tutors. Each of our three modules are recognised across the Asia Pacific and also include the relevant New Zealand unit standards. So take the next step in your career and contact us today.

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Course Details

Cost:                 $350.00 incl. GST (Module 1)

Start Date:        Please contact E-tec for more information info@shift.org.nz

Duration:           Approx 4 weeks (Student day only on Wednesday from 12.30pm to 6pm)


Cost:                $450.00 incl. GST (Module 2 - Theory)

                        $800.00 incl. GST (Module 2 - Practical)

Start date:        When Module 1 is completed

Duration:           Approx 4 weeks (Student day only on Wednesday from 12.30pm to 6pm)


Cost:                 $450.00 incl. GST (Module 3 - Theory)

                        $ 800.00 incl. GST (Module 3 - Practical)

Start date:        When Module 2 is completed

Duration:           Approx 4 weeks (Student day only on Wednesday from 12.30pm to 6pm)

Total: $2850.00 (Including GST)




What are the benefits to you?

  • New Zealand has a shortage of fibre technicians. Through this course you’ll gain the ability to start working in a rapidly growing industry that offers great employment opportunities.
  • The FTTH Certification improves your chances of gaining employment with New Zealand telco companies, as they won’t need to waste time and budget training you.
  • You’ll gain three certifications from the FTTH Council Asia Pacific, which means your certificates will be recognised across the New Zealand and the Asia Pacific regions.
  • This certificate provides you with a pathway into completing the NZC Telco Level 3 and Level 4 certificates, if you choose to continue your training. 

What this course covers

  • Health and Safety in a Telecommunications Environment
  • The New Zealand Fibre to the Home Network
  • Optical Fibre, Installation and Fibre Protection Practices including – Air Blown Fibre Installation – Fixed Fibre Installation – Installation of Conduits and Ducting
  • How to perform High Quality, High Reliability Mechanical and Fusion Splicing
  • Fault Location and Restoration Practices
  • Structured Cabling and the integration of house wiring with Fibre Services
  • Configuration of Customer Networking Equipment

Standard Pricing


3 FTTH international certifications

For more information about the course content follow this Link

FTTH Council

To learn more about the FTTH Council follow this link

FTTH, Fibre to the Home

Cost of each Modules
Module 1 (Online) - $350.00 Module 2 (Theory) - $450.00 Module 2 (Practical) - $800.00 Module 3 (Theory) - $450.00 Module 3 (Practical) - $800.00

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