New Zealand Certificate in Electrical Engineering (Switchgear Fitting) Level 4

Switchgear fitters design and build electrical equipment called switchboards, which are used in factories and plants around the country. These switchboards are used to take a big supply of electricity and split it up into smaller, more useable streams.

Some switchgear fitters choose to do the ‘installer strand’ when completing their qualification, which lets them install the switchboards on job sites. This means they could be traveling around New Zealand visiting manufacturing plants or other industrial buildings.

The New Zealand Certificate in Electrical Engineering (Switchgear Fitting) Level 4 will take approximately three and a half years to complete.

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To enter this programme we recommend you hold:

  • NCEA Level 2 in Mathematics, English, and Physics, OR
  • NCEA Level 2 in Mathematics, English, and General Science, OR
  • have equivalent qualifications or relevant experience

You will need to be employed by a switchboard builder that agrees to train you as an apprentice before you sign up.

Where can I go?

Graduates of this qualification will be qualified to work as a switchgear fitter or electrical installer in areas such as design, construction, installation, maintenance, and repair of switch and control gear systems in the electricity supply industry, export industries, and a variety other of industries.

Course Costs
$56.39 GST inclusive per week.

You may be eligible for fees free, check the eligibility criteria on

Is it for me?

There are some basic skills which will help you go far in your career as a switch gear fitter. You should be:

  • Responsible and well-organised
  • Able to understand basic maths and physics
  • Physically fit (the work involves climbing and lifting)
  • Able to present yourself professionally (you’ll be representing your employer and interacting with clients and other people, like members of the public).
  • Good at communicating with others
  • Flexible with working hours, as evening, weekend and on call is sometimes required
  • Comfortable working at heights or in small enclosed areas, and in places that may be noisy, dirty, dusty, and/or hazardous.

Graduates of this qualification will be able to:

  • Monitor and use safe working procedures and practices to identify, control, and manage hazards in the workplace and environment.
  • Apply knowledge of related electrical theory, electrical components, and drawings to assemble and wire switch and control gear.
  • Apply knowledge of related electrical theory, electrical components, and drawings to test switch and control gear.
  • Fabricate switchboards and install busbars in new and existing switchgear systems.
  • Install process control, automation, energy management, and motor control centre hardware.
  • Work ethically and professionally within the electrotechnology industry, communicate effectively with stakeholders in order to maximise industry standards and reputation.

Graduates of the Electrical Installer strand will also be able to:

  • Carry out prescribed electrical work (PEW) to meet the Electrical Installer license requirements.

Want to get started?


Step 1 – Find an employer

The first step is to find an electrician or switch gear fitter who will take you on as an apprentice, be your employer, and offer you a job. You’ll need to find an employer before you start your apprenticeship

Step 2 – Sign up

Once you and your employer are ready to get started, give us a call. There’s a couple of forms you’ll need to fill out together, so we’ll send these to you.

Once we’ve received and processed your documents, an ICE Apprentice Manager will be in touch with you or your employer. They’ll run through an induction so you can kickoff your training on the right foot.

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