Virtual Training Now Available

E-tec is happy to announce that we’re now offering a range of electrical courses in an innovative, new virtual format. This will make training more convenient and accessible for people throughout the country and ensure people can still meet the EWRB’s requirements, even if they can’t get into a classroom.


Courses available in the new online format

    How the virtual courses work

    All three of these courses are EWRB approved, so just like the face-to-face courses you’ll be able to prepare for your exams with proper professional support, the difference is that you can do it from home or the office instead of a classroom.

    The courses have been designed to keep people engaged, keep learning on track and also mimic the type of learning you would do in the real world. This is achieved through a mix of video chats, live and interactive classroom-like presentations, slides, chats and screen sharing. You’ll be able to see and hear your course tutors in real time, as well as ask questions and talk to other students. Better yet, in courses where it’s applicable, you’ll be able to get close up views of live demonstrations.


    How to sign up

    Signing up is easy. Just choose the course you want to do i.e. Electrical Regulations, Electrician’s Theory or Electrical Installer Theory and make your booking using the enrolment button. Then when your booking is being processed our staff will ask you if you’d prefer to learn in the classroom or virtually. The costs for virtual and classroom-based courses is the same, and this fee includes the cost for your EWRB exam.

    If you have any questions or would like to find out more send a message here or call us on 0800 030 500.