Cameron Carlaw

Northern Gas NZ Ltd

“This training / certification is beneficial in various ways – I can now ensure electrical safety while ensuring confidence on electrically operated gas appliances. Plus this gives my business a point of difference from competitors, who don’t have this certification.

I’ve enjoyed that the relevant course work clarifies things I have already experienced in the field.

I’d highly recommend this course for plumbers and gas fitters – a lot of plumbers and gas fitters are doing electrical work illegally without realising it and without the safety understanding.”

John-Lamb Electrotech Trainer

David Hudson

Waiheke Plumbing and Gas

“Upskilling is always good. This training will enable me to offer better service, and through the certification I’ll qualify for insurance cover.

I’ve enjoyed the hands-on training, and would definitely recommend this course to other plumbers and gas fitters. All of the work was very relevant.”

John-Lamb Electrotech Trainer

Shane Dstermeyer

Director – Wellsford Gas

“While helping give customers peace of mind, this certification is great for marketing as a point of difference. Plus, it gives you confidence that you’re doing the right thing.

I’ve enjoyed upskilling and hands on training. Plus, I’ve appreciated how the tutors’ stories are relevant to course. I’d definitely recommend this course to other plumbers and gas fitters.”

John-Lamb Electrotech Trainer

Nick Winger

Owner – WSL Plumbing

“Doing this training benefits my business by giving it a point of difference. I’ve most enjoyed how the tutors’ stories are relevant to the course.”

John-Lamb Electrotech Trainer

Matthew Grantham

Plumber/Gasfitter – South Auckland Plumbing Ltd.

“This training will benefit me as well as my business – it outlines what we can and can’t work on and ways to keep myself and others safe. Also, through this course I’ve learnt how to provide additional services to customers without needing another tradesperson.

This course balances theory and practice – I’ve enjoyed the level of training provided as well as insights such as relative electrical work to the tasks plumbers/gasfitters conduct on a daily basis. 

This course is great for those wanting a better understanding of the electrical safety and work that plumbers and gasfitters deal with.”

John-Lamb Electrotech Trainer

Karunesh Anand

Supervisor – Auckland Plumbers Group

“Doing this traning benefits my business as I’ve gained a legal certification. My company doesn’t need to get an electrician to do this work anymore – it helps our bottom line.  

I’ve particularly enjoyed gaining a better understanding about how the electrical side of plumbing; plus, the tutor’s stories always related to the course.

I’d recommend this course to other plumbers and gas fitters as they can get a better understanding of what they should do – and what they should not do – out on the field.”

John-Lamb Electrotech Trainer

David Barratt

Precision Plumbing 2010

“Doing this course helps better yourself, your company and your client.

I’ve most enjoyed gaining a different perspective of work and learning something new.

This certification is great for my customers – it ensures the quality of work we provide.”

John-Lamb Electrotech Trainer

Chris Van Greuning

Plumber – Laser Plumbing, Marangi bay

“This training / certification will benefit our business through customer service and help give customers’ peace of mind with installations.

The tutor was good – they explained throughout the course in depth.

I’d recommend this E-tec course as it benefits you and your company by gaining customer satisfaction.”